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What's New with the Class of '62

As new items are added to the site they will be described here.

030508 08:05 Earl Maher sends Loucks Grade School pictures.

021122 12:33 Roger Baumgardner has surfaced. I've added him to the Then and Now page hoping he'll send along a current picture and bio.

021113 07:36 Lyle Looger sends a picture and bio.

021106 14:33 Rich Speers and Judy Claassen send picture.

021025 08:20 Colin Clark adds pictures to his album.

021021 08:23 Carol Schmidgall sends her reunion pictures.

021021 08:23 Lyle Looger sends article about Ted Fluegel, Chemistry teacher.

021016 10:13 Colin Clark checks in with a picture.

020831 13:10 Gary Rubloff finds old gradeschool days pictures.

020827 18:57 Marilynn Pelini starts her album.

020826 19:08 Frank Simpsons sends general interest pictures.

020825 21:57 Jim Lightfoot's reunion pictures.

020825 14:55 Dave Sanderson has pictures.

020824 10:20 This call goes out to you gumshoes in the class. Laraine has provided a list of classmates we need to find.

020824 09:37 Don Heytman sends pictures.

020823 08:49 Class: It's time to turn in your Essay assignment. I already have Joe Hanlon's which he wrote while in therapy. Others of you have left yours lying around. I will give extra credit if you help me find them. /Ms. Busybody.

020823 07:58 Ray Keithley's HS tour pictures.

020822 19:50 With this upload I have cleaned out my in-basket and am current on the email messages.

020821 16:39 Gerry Bowers has found a couple pictures from our 20-year reunion. .

020821 14:11 Dave Byrkit sends more pictures.

020820 19:32 Inside Franklin Grade School.

020820 18:19 A couple more of general interest.

020820 16:27 The Peoria High School Tour.

020820 14:55 Anybody heard of Hunt's Drive-In?

020820 14:30 I went through Carol Schmidgall's billfold.

020820 08:48 On the Links page I have linked in the Veteran Tributes and Deceased Students lists from Laraine's page.

020820 08:36 Laraine Wilson Wessels writes the perfect epilog.

020819 19:35 Bill Bontemps sends in his Reunion Pictures.

020818 13:18 Bruce and Mary Hobin Dimler have started a picture album. Go to The Fuchs' Welcome through the lense of Brad (Hampy) Lentz.

020817 16:26 New General Interest pictures. Larry and Linda Smith Rager have pictures.

020817 09:05 Terry and Patty Wilson Fuchs had a fabulous gathering out at their Sweetwater Bend Ranch Friday night (8/16). I was able to get many "now" pictures. I'll attempt to speak for all who attended ... it was a terrific party; the conversation was wall-to-wall fun; everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves; and we again give a huge thankyou to Terry and Patty. The light was too low for me to get good pictures of the layout and it wouldn't do the spread the Fuchs put out justice anyway. Anyone with a good camera who captured the splendor, please send me your pictures. In the meantime, I'll be doctoring mine.

020814 08:41 Char Stonebock sends her album and Mrs. Rahn's English class.

020813 18:52 Terry and Patty (Wilson) Fuchs send pictures.

020813 18:11 Bernie Elias sends pictures.

020813 05:39 I have added the Then And Now page. To me this is the most interesting. Remember, we are all just 17 year olds trapped in these bodies. /Todd

020813 04:32 Can anyone out there write?

020812 20:10 Dave Byrkit sends pictures of Thomas Jefferson 2nd/3rd; 4th; and 6th grade classes. He also has new personal album pictures.

020812 11:32 Nancy Lien has pictures.

020812 00:41: Dee Pendleton has pictures.

020811 19:11: Three new General Interest Pictures from Gary Rubloff plus he did his own page

020811 17:07: Neal Pomerenke sets record for pictures

020810 16:47: Jim Harrison starts a photo album

020810 08:59 The "dress" for Saturday night is: Dressy casual - meaning no jeans or shorts, and no coats or ties for the guys! Just nice casual attire for a wonderful evening with high school friends!!! / Char Stonebock (Allen)

020809 22:37: Tom Jones sends his pictures ... you won't believe it.

020809 12:35: Linda Reeves sends her pictures.

020809 11:00: I added a EMail listbutton. Go there if you want to download a complete copy of this website to run on your own computer without being connected to the internet. I indicate the timestamp of my last archive. I will try to update these regularly so you can get a good recent copy. /Todd

020809 09:41: Ron Sandy puts up pictures.

020808 07:46: I have added to the Class List page a list of those signed up. This is from Laraine's official page. There are 67 classmates or about 22.5% of our class.

020807 15:51: Bunches of new classmates have checked in. Find their email addresses and shame them into contributing memories and pictures. I've opened slots for them on the Remembering page and they look funny with just their name and yearbook picture.

020806 15:54: Terry and Patty (Wilson) Fuchs have invited everyone to their ranch for conviviality on Friday night at 6:00PM. Here are the directions.

020806 15:37: Kent Trompeter's first pictures.

020806 10:02: Chuck Teeter had a great idea to start a Careers page. He and Danielle Vansickle lead off.

020806 08:30: Dave Byrkit's first picture and another from Chuck Teeter.

020805 18:02: Chuck Teeter has pictures.

020804 18:39: Susie Hampy (Lentz) has pictures.

020803 18:51: A picture from Sandy Williams (Baxter).

020803 13:08: More pictures from Jim Lightfoot. A plea from me for pictures. /Todd

020731 00:46: Jim Lightfoot has added his picture page. The Pictures bullet now takes you to an index of your classmates' photo albums. This should save some navigation in the Remembering page when you just want to look at pictures.

020730 19:27: Gary Duffy has added his picture page.

020730 09:25: Frank Simpson, Margaret Ring, and Laraine Wilson have added their picture pages. Margaret thought her 3 pictures were overkill. I forced her to put up all 5 which I had seen through email conversation with her. She thinks it is like having to sit down and go through someone's photo album. It's not. It's like going through a musuem. Everything is interesting to someone and each can view just what interests them. Margaret's is a good example. We not only get to see her but we get to look into her life and what's important ... the grandchildren ... the cycling ... the quilts ... the Grace Livingston Hill book collection ... the traditions. Susie Hampy ... I want to see that tennis racket. /Todd

020726 08:24: I've added a column of hot buttons on the "Remembering" page for displaying creations of which you are proud (actually I think you should be able to end sentences with a preposition but Mrs. Herke said Noooo!). 40 years is a long time. I'm sure there are lots of impressive things you have built and would like to show your classmates. Send me pictures with a little note for a caption. I'm anxious to put them up. /Todd

020715 09:38: I've added pictures to the Remembering page. If you have a current picture, please send it to me and I'll link it in.

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