Lost and Found

Can anyone help with addresses for those we were not able to contact?
/Laraine Wilson Wessels

  1. Adams, Tom
  2. Anderson, Karen
  3. Armstrong, Gerald
  4. Ayoub, Elaine
  5. Bailey, Larry
  6. Balagna, Linda Terrell
  7. Beardsley, Ken
  8. Bennett, Joyce Snarskis
  9. Billerbeck, Diane
  10. Castle, Sharon Adams
  11. Copeland, Jerry
  12. Coryell, Sally Miller
  13. Donovan, Kathy Anderson
  14. Duffy, Steve
  15. Enslin, Merrily
  16. Firth, Roger
  17. Galvin, Bill (in Peoria)
  18. Gates, Pam
  19. Griggs, Ken
  20. Heady, Judy Heitler
  21. Herman, Judy Christie
  22. Hild, Gerald
  23. Hill, Sue Semonski
  24. Johnson, Barbara
  25. Jordan, James
  26. Kastien, Kay Wyburn
  27. Kauffman, Shirley Vanetten
  28. Knudson, Richard
  29. Krause, Bill
  30. Marlowe, Judy Slama
  31. May, Mike
  32. McCluskey, Mary
  33. McDermott, Mary Lawless
  34. Medlock, Charles
  35. Miskimen, Dean
  36. Potter, Thomas
  37. Schenk, Suellen
  38. Wake, Dianne Klinedinst
  39. Walser, Jim
  40. Weaver, Janice Giddon
  41. Wellner, Dick
  42. Wellner, Ken; Kennewick, WA 99336
  43. White, Tom

I've found I can grope around the internet and find what looks like some of these people. Maybe you can too.

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Dutton, Ann Note from Chuck Teeter
Firth, Roger Middle: W.; Union City, CA
Greer, Lloyd Middle: Samual; Age 56; Winona, MN
Middle: Allen; Age 58; Jupiter, FL
Middle: Allen; Age 58; Stuart, FL
Note from Kathy Meek.
Beardsley, Terry None of these are probably him. His name is Kenneth Terry Lee Beardsley./J.Lightfoot
Terry W. Beardsley; Age 57; Portland, Or.
Kenneth M. Beardsley; Age 57; Denver, Co
Kenneth B. Beardsley; Age 58; Woodinville, Wa
Kenneth B. Beardsley; Age 58; Bellevue, Wa