Then and Now

This is only a small fraction of our class. In time I will add the rest. This sample includes those for whom we have an email address; are attending the reunion; and/or have sent pictures.

If you are not happy with your "now" picture (frankly you are stuck with the "then" picture) or I don't have one of you, please be sure to get in front of my lense at the reunion or before at the Fuchs gathering.

To me this is one of the most interesting ways to view the class. Remember ... we are all 17 year olds trapped in these bodies. Life can be so cruel.

/Todd Marshall

P.S. If you just can't stand how slowly this page loads, please message me and I'll break it up. I am spoiled by DSL broadband but still remember the pain of slow modems. /T

Denny Ackerman
  Roger Baumgardner
Bev Betebenner
Dave Blanchard
 Ralph Bollinger
 Bill Bontemps
 Becky Bourland
 Gerry Bowers
Dave Byrkit
  Sande Broms
   Bob Canterbury
   Keith Carrigan
   Rodger Chaplain
Judy Claassen
{Colin Clark Colin Clark
Suellen Coburn    Suellen Coburn
 Mike Cook
Gary Cumming  Gary Cumming
   George Davidson
 Millard Day
Gary Demmin    Gary Demmin
 Norm Dial
 Jerry Diamond
Bruce Dimler
   Kathleen Donovan
 Bob Drake
Gary Duffy
  Craig Ekstrom
Bernie Elias
 Bonnie Essig
 Ron Foster
 Keith Flachsbart
 Sherry Flemming
Terry Fuchs
 Margie Gallagher
   Bill Galvin
 Moni Gibbs
 Jay Grimm
 Gary Hagel
Susie Hampy
Joe Hanlon
  Jim Harrison
HermanJ {short description of image}  Judy Herman
 Pam Herman
Don Heytman
Mary Hobin
 Marty Horn
 Richard Johnson
Tom Jones
 Ray Keithley
   Marg Keller
   Sharon Klasing
Constance Kroeker {short description of image}  Connie Kroeker
   Darmon Kuntz
 Carolyn Lanman
 Bev Larence
 Francis Lee
 Tom Leiter
Nancy Lien
Jim Lightfoot
Lyle Looger
 Earl Maher
 Lee Marshall
Todd Marshall
Pat Martin    Pat Martin
 Barb Mason
 Mike McCord
   Carol McCulla
 Kathy Meek
 Bonnie Mensendike
 Linda Messer
{short description of image} Dean Miskimen  Dean Miskimen
   Joan Motsett
 Chuck Nelson
 Larry Norton
   Mark Paulson
 Marilynn Pelini
Dee Pendleton
 Wayne Peplow
 Bonnie Peters
   Dave Peterson
Neil Pomerenke
PowersF PowersFNow  Forest Powers
Larry Rager
   Eileen Redenius
Linda Reeves
Michael Riddle Michael Riddle Michael Riddle
Kay Ringel
Margaret Ring
Gary Rubloff
 Greg Rushford
 Dave Sanderson
Ron Sandy
 Ted Scheinman
Carol Schmidgall
 Roger Selburg
 Tom Sharpe
Francis Simpson
   Carol Sitton
Linda Smith
Susie Solomon
Rich Speers
Char Stonebock
   Bill Stuber
 Roger Sutton
 Cisty Swain
 Lee Swardenski
Chuck Teeter
Carla Tetmeyer Carla Tetmeyer Carla Tetmeyer
 David Todd
Kent Trompeter
Michael Vallely Michael Vallely  Michael Vallely
 Danielle Vansickle
   Judy Waldron
 Barb Walters
 Donna Watkins
   Dave Weisert
 Bill Wessels
Sandy Williams
Laraine Wilson
Patty Wilson
 Ann Yates