Dave Sanderson

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Dave and Beverley Sanderson the deck at home.
Dave and son Adam (getting his MBA from TCU in Ft. Worth) along with daughter Sarah.
The Sanderson abode in Simonton, Texas.
Dave at home in the arena with Electronica and Contess, two Paso Fino mares.
Horse awards.
Dave and Bev with Princessa. National Championship photo, Perry Georgia.
Dave and Bev with Princessa. World Championship photo, Tampa, Florida.
Dave riding Juana Maria with her National award.
Tiza guarding the back porch.
Minnie the goat, guarding a dirt pile in the pasture.
Harmon, Teddy Bear, and Tiza guarding Dave on his way to pick up the Sunday paper.
Granddaughters on confirmation day, Alicia, Caitlin, and Olivia.
Daughter Sarah with Dave and Bev.
Granddaughters Amanda and Ashley (a Houston Comets cheerleader) with grandma Bev.
Son Tom, his wife Gail and their daughters Melissa, Jennifer and Kim.