Susie (Hampy) Lentz

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Sunny Susie
Handsome Brad, my love and husband of 39 years!
Brad and Susie in a favorite Biergarten -- a jazz Biergarten -- in Munich
Susie with the set of dishes she made for Kiki and Chris. "12 of each this time, Mum"
Our house in Zorneding (just outside Munich) in winter
... and with summer blossoms
Jake, our son and birthday boy on his 35th.
Rachael, or Rae, Jake's daughter and apple of hsi eye, and 7 yr. old.
Grandaughter Emma, Kiki's daughter, posing for Opa's camera.
Kiki, our daughter, giving Katie a real giggle.
Kiki, our daughter, and her 2 daughters: Katie (6 months) and Emma (3-1/2) enjoying the Brez'n (delicious large Bavarian pretzels) at the jazz Biergarten in Munich
Emma (3-1/2) and Oma Susie admiring the gingergread house they made.