Tom Jones

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(CD Cover) These were taken last Sunday night (08/04/2002) after a Peter, Paul and Mary concert in Gilford, NH. Noel Stookey (Paul) has become a good friend and the year 1961 - 1962 is an important one for them because their career started with Lemon Tree and If I Had a Hammer. Here they are then.
(Peter) Just as for all of us - the years have passed for them. Although with the exception of 7 years in the seventies, they have toured every year since 1961. Here is Peter. The others in the picture are Liz (our son's girlfriend), McKenzie (18), my wife Betty, Penelope (10), PETER, and Michael (21).
(Paul) Here is Paul. That's me, then McKenzie, Betty, Penelope, PAUL, Mike and Liz. Compare this picture of Paul with the album cover (whoa!).
(Mary) Then there's Mary. She's changed a lot but she still has incredible stage presence. Liz, McKenzie, Betty, MARY, Penelope, and Mike.
(McKenzie / Laura) And finally - also taken last week - here is McKenzie with our oldest daughter Laura. Does anyone else in the class have a twenty year span of children from one marriage? We haven't started on grandchildren yet - I'm still coaching soccer.
(Tom / Hut) This one was taken the week before (08/01/2002). Our son Mike has been the "hut manager" during the summer at the AMC Lakes of the Clouds Hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (a 100 bed lodge serving full meals) - the highest hotel east of the Mississippi. You can see the hut in the distance under my arm. It's just below the peak of Mt. Washington which is the site of the worst regularly recorded weather in the world.
 (Mike / Tom ) Here we are down near the hut.
  (Mike / Tom ) Up close