David Byrkit

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BostonPics: Hilary, Heather and Carla Gallo; Carla visited her buddies in Boston last fall.
SantaMonicaPics: Heather Byrkit (25), Carla Gallo (27), and Hilary Byrkit (24); Heather and Hilary visiting their movie star friend Carla Gallo last spring. Carla and her family were our best friends in Brooklyn. Carla starred in "Undeclared" on Fox last season.
Dave and Sharon's little project. What do you think ... 6 months or so to get this done? ... yeh, right.
The pretty girl on my shoulder is our middle daughter, Hilary (one "l"). I just scanned the thing in and I think that this is a scan of a scan (pardon the noise level). The street in the background is Seventh Street, Brooklyn. I'm going to guess that this picture is less than five years old (Hilary will be 24 at the end of this month).
The picture is my all time favorite job: playing and directing at the "Old First" Church in Brooklyn in the early '80s.
Sharon and myself in our current backyard in Peoria.