Biddy Basketball: All (G.Rubloff 020831)  
Biddy Basketball: Gary Rubloff's Team (G.Rubloff 020831)  
Franklin School: Kindergarten (G.Rubloff 020831)  
Franklin School: 1st Grade (G.Rubloff 020831)  
Thomas Jefferson School: 7th Grade-Johnson (G.Rubloff 020831)  
Thomas Jefferson School: 8th Grade-Kieser (G.Rubloff 020831)  
Commencement Announcement  
Commencement Program  
Baccelaureat Service  
Honor Students and Class Officers  
Columbia School: 8th Grade  
20-Year Reunion (Franklin students)  
20-Year Reunion (Thomas Jefferson students)  
SHADOW OF THE PAST -- This is Chester St., between Ellis and North Sts. The homes here are deserted, vacant -- waiting for the wrecker's hammer. In this picture by Staff Photographer George Day, a boy from the neighborhood pauses to stare down the empty street wondering, perhaps, where his playmates of a year ago are now. In another year this will be a busy highway. ( That highway is I74. Thanks to Ted Scheinman).  
But why in the world did they call them "spreads"?  
Some of the girls at the Championship Basket Ball Tournament. 1958/1959  
Columbia Grade ??  
Columbia Grade 4  
Columbia Grade 6  
Whitier 8th Grade  
Whitier 8th Grade (Left)  
Whitier 8th Grade (Right)  
Mrs. Rahn's Freshman English class  
Thomas Jefferson: 2nd and 3rd Grade (Class of '62 in 3rd)  
Thomas Jefferson: 4th Grade  
Thomas Jefferson: 6th Grade  
Thomas Jefferson 8th grade  
Four of us from White School 5th (Becky Bourland, Dick Applegate, Pam Bogan, Gary Rubloff)  
Debaters (not the picture in sr yr Crest)  
Franklin School: 2nd Grade; 1952 Miss Leiter.  
Franklin School; 3rd Grade; 1953 Miss Hassie.  
Franklin School; 4th Grade; 1954 Mrs. Anderson.  
Franklin School; 6th Grade; 1956 Ms. Titus  
Franklin School; 7th Grade; 1957  
{short description of image} White School 5th Grade Notes
Whittier 6th Grade; 1956  
Top 30 Songs (Margaret Ring)  
Another Top 30 Songs (Margaret Ring)