Subject: I want pictures!
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 12:43:09 -0500
From: Todd Marshall []

Hi All,

I'm still not getting pictures. I'm going to guess why. You have these photographs and you really really want everyone to see them ... but you don't know how to get them to me.

If this is not the reason, read no further. Just email me. Say "Todd, you moron, stop that incessant and pitiful begging. The reason you're not getting pictures is .... "

Now, if you really want to send pictures here's what you might do.

Go to your friendly local Kinko's. Say I have these pictures I want to scan and send to this ( email address. They'll say sure ... that will be $10 please.

If you're poor and tight like me you say no soap. They may respond with something like "you can get on that machine over there for $0.20/minute (that gives you 50 minutes to bungle your way through it by yourself and make a significant addition to your skill set). You pull up Photoshop; scan your pictures in; and save it on that floppy disk you brought in with you (with JPEG compression you can get 10 to 15 scans on a floppy). Then go home and email it from the floppy.

If you're Norton, you say huh!!???

And they say ... see that 8 year old over on that machine. I'll bet she'll help you. And the 8 year old, wanting to show you how much she knows, will do the whole thing for you.

If someone actually tries this, take notes and send the play-by-play so others can learn from your fiasco. Also, you may be able to do the same thing at your public library or an internet cafe.

A final note. As far as I'm concerned you can scan as many pictures as you want in a single pass ... like you were making Xerox copies of documents in your billfold in case you lose it and have to notify all those credit card companies. Lay them out any which way.

My fees are friendlier than Kinko's ... can you say free? In your email tell me what you want to do with each image and a caption (if you don't trust my creativity ... and you shouldn't). I'll clip them out; rotate them back around; and build your photo page.

I see I just got two more from Jim Lightfoot. Here's the link to his page as an example.


Jim Lightfoot adds: for all those with a scanner (a favorite gift from the kids) this is the chance to learn to use it. You saw that one of our pictures was scan_0001, something of a clue in the numbering system. Ours was scanned on an HP 952, and what a delight. Push button, copy to hard disk, copy into message. It did all the thinking and did it right (as against, for example, Microsoft Project, which regularly thinks for me, doesn't tell me, and royally screws up a whole file.)