Franklin School 8/2002

Just a little note:

About 1/2 way down (just under the empty white slot) you will see a series of pictures of an advertisement by Caterpillar Tractor Company. The boy lying (or is that laying Mrs. Herke?) in the street is Frank Covey, Edwin Covey's brother. The picture was probably taken in 1955 when Frank was in 8th Grade and Captain of the Safety Patrol. Does anyone know who the girl was?

That picture still hangs in exactly the same place it did when we attended Franklin as 5th Graders. The school is immaculate. You'll also see the custodian pushing one of those huge brooms. I think this same custodian was pushing that broom when we attended Franklin. Does anyone remember the custodian's names? There were two and they were as much a part of the school family as the principal (Mr. Landis), the teachers, the students, and the parents.

The fluorescent lights were hung when we were in 3rd or 4th grade (also when they added "Under God" to our Pledge) and are still in use. It was great fun watching the old incandescent "school house" globes come down and those new lights go up. The teachers had an awful time keeping our attention while the workmen worked. When done, it was like someone turned on the sun. Fluorescent lighting was just as mysterious as television which was also just moving into homes.

/Todd Marshall