Greetings to the PHS Class of '62:
We have accomplished much these past 40 years and distinguished ourselves far beyond our numbers.

Reading your e-mails has brought back nostalgic yearnings of a far simpler world that no longer exists ... a world where sneaking a cigarette was the biggest high school offense and the United Nations was a vision of idyllic hope for mankind. Our parents' generation had defeated the scourge of Nazism and we were rising to meet the challenge of Communism's Sputniks. In this regard, I clearly remember Ms. Rice interrupting her English class so we could all listen to John Glenn rocket off into space ... a historic achievement in meeting that challenge.

Little could we then realize that the battle against Communism would eventually entail the tragedy of Vietnam and a United Nations that looked the other way during the bloody reign of Cambodia's Paul Pot. But our generation won that battle and Communism now has been defeated. Little could we then realize that today's battle against Muslim fundamentalism would entail the tragedy of 9/11. But we will win this battle despite a Europe again speaking the language of appeasement and a United Nations bankrupt in vision.

When I gave the saludictory address 40 years ago, I reminded us of our nation's history and the proud achievements of those who made that history. Today, I am reminded of our achievements and remain proud of not only what was, but also of what is. I also remain confident of what will be.

Warmest regards and all the best for a fun reunion,